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8 April 2012
Sukomulyo to Bandongan (near Borobudur)

Short distance today. I'm sure we'll make it in daylight and without rain. Woohoo!
For the most part the roads are ok. Smooth and uncrowded. Beautiful views.

It's the weekend and we see all sorts interesting machines and people. 6 black harley baggers go roaring past. A skin and bones grampa on a scooter with ape hangers and hand built sidecar. Lots of Vespa clubs. Highschool kids on strange three wheeled things so low to the ground that they have to put a tall flag on the rear so they don't disappear under a bus. Like driving a go-kart on the interstate. Crazy becek (peddle bike taxi) drivers. A truck FULL of people going somewhere. Scooters stacked with impossibly large amounts of beans, rice, chickens, bed frames, and anything else you can imagine. As well as many thing you never would.

Finding the hotel wasn't exactly easy. We go up a narrow path that turns in to a narrower path and get stuck turning around. Ural needs to be moving to engage 2wd so you should anticipate and enable it BEFORE you're stuck. Stupid Ural. A group of village men run over to lift us out of the mud before we even ask.

It's a becek

And the crazy driver

These horses keep getting in my way.

Going somewhere

Skin and bones grampa on scooter with ape hangers and home made sidecar. Cool!

Skin and bones grampa on scooter with ape hangers and home made sidecar. Cool!

These guys are seriously brave.

Unexpected cart of pointy bamboo spears trying to kill me
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