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If you buy a ShooRoo the best thing that one might say after using it for a while is "I haven't hit a 'roo since"

That doesn't mean it works to ShooRoos, as that's probably impossible to know.

Conversely, even if someone hit a 'roo with one installed, who's to say it hadn't worked once or twice in the past, when the rider didn't even see the animal?

Bottom line is that evidence is thin on the ground and for a reason. I figure the only harm in them is to be too reliant on them, and ignore all other strategies, like avoiding dawn & dusk & night riding, moderating speed and scanning for shapes and silhouettes. Even then, the buggers know how to knock out a front wheel in a yoctosecond.

Watch this short vid...see if you can see the blighter come out onto the road.
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