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Originally Posted by Tony T View Post
I did a search, but didn't turn up anything, so apologies if this has been covered before.
Does anyone out there run those roo whistle thingys?
Got any feedback on whether they work or not?
Did read a serious assessment of them which pointed out that the sound they generate was outside the roos hearing anyway. The electronic ones do work but they produce an additional normal range noise (from speakers in the unit mounted at front of vehicle) as well and I reckon thats what does it for them. Having watched them a lot while driving or riding along our road am pretty convinced that the beat of a single or twin works really well and less so for a multi. Believe they can locate the sound of a single or twin pretty well and move away but that the drone of a multi is less directional. It could also be that the beat is more meaningful to them as it is like an animal galloping.
Also make this observation, and its about unseen 3rd party effects, we live on a ridge above the road and when my vastly better half leaves of a morning i watch her drive out, wave goodbye etc. We often have roos on the place and as she starts to drive down they react and frequently head across the road into the bush. The point is that a vehicle coming past at the same time could well hit one and from that drivers viewpoint, "the bloody thing jumped right in front of me"
So, +2 for loud pipes
cheers Graeme
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