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Looks good for the k's

Originally Posted by simonpig View Post
Measured Valves today to order shims for adjustment, the readings after 20K are as follow:

Left: .009" (.23 mm)
Right: .010" (.25 mm)

Left: .005" (.13 mm)
Right: .004" (.10 mm)

The Factory Specs are
EXHAUST: .0091.0118" (.23.30 mm)
INTAKE: .0051-.0079" (.13.20 mm)

Not bad for 20K, no?
Clearances look good for the mileage, when comparing to my WR250F I just rebuilt the head after 6,000 kms.
I was adjusting the shims every 1000 k's, it drove me mad, thats main reason I bought a WRR.

The WRR I bought has 10,000 km on it and it too sounds like the cam chain is slapping around a bit.
Especially when you rev the bike and the revs fall back, there is a clatter at a certain rpm.
Have you resolved your would be tensioner issues.

As far as the timing chain is concerned mine on my WRF was stretched at 6000 Km as cam marks could no longer be aligned, so I replaced it. It's good that the R model is not wearing them out as quick.
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