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Rumbux Crash Bars for Yamaha Super Tenere (XT1200Z)

I finally got things lined up and am getting ready to place another order for Rumbux Products. My company name is Eval Innovations, Inc.
The Rumbux web site is HERE for gallery pics. I don't have a web site yet.

I will take orders, accept payment via Visa/MC/Discover/Amex and then place the build order. This means approximately 3 weeks from order to the bars arriving on your doorstep via UPS/FedX. Shipping is included in the prices, so that's all you pay. No surprises. Prices are for the lower 48 states, if you're in Alasaka or Canada, PM me with your zip/postal code and I'll figure out shipping costs and let you know if there will be an additional cost. Your CC will be charged at the time of your order.

Utah Residents - I have to add the 8.5% State Sales tax. :(

Prices, (All Shipping included!):

Full Rumbux Crashbar set with integrated skid plate - $775.00 (prices updated to reflect 2013 pricing.)
(Light brackets shown are not included)

These crash bars allow full removal of both side panels w/o removing the upper bars. The skid plate comes off with 6 bolts and they are easy to access. It is necessary to remove the skid plate for oil changes.

Lower only w/integrated Skid Plate - $475.00

This option still allows you to add the upper bars at a later date. You get the benefits of lower protection similar to other crash bars, but also the integrated skid plate that is bolted only to the crash bar frame, NOT THE ENGINE OR OIL SUMP.

Upper add on Crash Bars for Yamaha crash bars - $375.00
(Pics used with permission from Deon @ Rumbux ZA)

This replaces the Yamaha upper hoop with the heavier Rumbux upper hoop and adds upper side protection. The upper hoop ties in at the top with a flat bar brace and bolts to the Yamaha bars at the normal spots, PLUS an additional bolt point on each side at the factory fall over bracket.

Rumbux 1"(25mm), Light brackets - $40 (plus shipping if ordered alone)
(Pic 16 in the Gallery link above shows a great shot of the three pieces)

These are a three piece unit that is designed for the Yamaha accessory lights, but the yoke can be left off and most any other light can be mounted with it, either a single bolt design or spanning two brackets. These come as a pair, normally to mount two lights.

If you want in on this order, call me at 435-817-0809 and have some plastic ready. :) I aim to continue to place a new order each month as demand is met. If things take off, I'll start stocking the bars and other items, but right now I'm on a shoe string budget, so what you will get is updates and as fast a turn around time as I can give on re-packaging and shipping the bars out once they arrive in the States.

Got questions? Feel free to PM me, call me or post here and I'll do my best to answer them. Phone calls from 8 am to 9pm MDT Please. If I don't answer, please leave a voice message and I'll get back to you ASAP.


Eric V (Dirty Bike)

Torque spec info:

The 8mm oem drop guard bolts are 8.7 ft/lbs.

The 10mm rear side stand bolt is 46 ft/lbs. (rear throttle side mount)

The 8mm rear exhaust bracket bolt is 14 ft/lbs, (rear clutch side mount).

The center long bolt that holds the dash on, where the flat bar goes
is 11 ft/lbs

The two bolts between the upper and lower Rumbux are nylocks, so just
get them tight, no need to go overboard there. Same for the small 6mm
bolts and nuts on the front end of the flat bar.

I'd recommend using blue (242) loctite or equivalent on the bolts.
(not on the nylock ones!!)

Tip: When you're putting the lower bar on, leave the rear bolt out on
the oem tip over guards, as you'll just be pulling that out again to
mount the upper bars.

Other than the one bolt at 46 ft/lbs, they torque values are mostly to
prevent you from over tightening things. That should tell you that
they are not critical. If your torque wrench doesn't go down that
far, don't sweat it, just snug them up, then give a small extra pull,
like 1/8 of a turn or less and you'll be fine.


This is the new warning page that will go out with every 2-part and 3-part Rumbux kit I sell. It's intended to make riders aware of the dangers, not scare them off the product. But I'm sure I'll lose a few customers because of it. At some point, every bike will drag hard parts, but I want people to understand the potential risks. Most Super Ten riders probably will never scrape pegs, but there certainly is a contingent that does.


Adding aftermarket accessories to your motorcycle can alter the ground clearance. You may need to adjust your riding style to avoid contact with the ground during aggressive cornering or on uneven ground.


When properly installed, this Rumbux Crash Bar will cause your Super Tenere to be wider and lower than prior to it's installation. Because of this, it is possible to contact the ground just after the left side footpeg feeler will scrape during high lean angle turns and before the center stand contacts on the right side. This can result in levering the rear wheel off the ground, and directly or indirectly cause a crash resulting in motorcycle damage, injury or death!


By installing this product you are accepting responsibility for your own actions!

EVal Innovations can not control how you ride. Please use caution until you understand if and how the installation of your new Rumbux crash bar system impacts your riding style.

EVal Innovations Inc. is not liable for injuries or damages resulting from crashes where the crash bars may have contacted the ground during riding. By installing Rumbux Adventure Products on your motorcycle, you implicitly accept these terms, and responsibility for your actions of choosing to install this product and choosing to ride in a manner which could cause motorcycle damage, injury or death.


Motorcycling is an inherently dangerous activity. Please ride aware, ride safe and ride often.

Thank you for your purchase!

The actual page has the "warning!" in red, but yellow shows up better here.

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