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Pissed F800GS vs Renault Espace

This is me and my bike before and after some complete moron decided to make a U-turn and put his car over the complete width of my driving lane.... god i'm pissed !!!!

There was no way to avoid the hit, all there was to do was damage control. Aimed for the lowest point (the hood)
and prepared myself for an impressive flight. half a meter more to the right would have been a pretty certain death.

- bike = wasted
- body feels like it has been run over by a truck.....10 times
- shoulder dislocated for fu+++++ 6 hours when they finally put me to sleep for surgery!
- wrist is internally smashed into pieces with e realistic chance on permanent damage! : 1 emergency surgery done last monday, next monday more metal works on it, just_great
- all planned bike trips down the drain, maybe forever.. !

The worst i find in all this is the seemingly complete uninterest of the car driver. i have been in hospital for the past week, without hearing a word from him. All i know is that when i would practically kill somebody by my own stupidity, i would at least check up on my 'victim' and apologies..... sad world...

Riding my bike every day was the thing i loved the most! It made me feel free and took me to nice places.
I still don't know if i will be able to ever ride again and buy another bike, for now i'm just pretty sad, angry,bored, in pain and needed to ventilate. ;)


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