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Originally Posted by jetblast10
I still remember the dream there...

I've never rid a GS12. I'm starting to realize I probably never will. Why? they suck. Whoever OK'd those tank wing things should be made to wear one as a hat to remind himself how stupid he and they are. I know the GS12's are lighter and quicker than the 1150's but so are 490 Maicos and I've yet to ride one of those. But Nachtflug, the GS12 is-

Nay stay your tounge.

The GS12 Adventure will be the bottom line. The mulligan. They put those stupid wing things on the 1200 Adventure I hope nobody buys them and the Red Sox win the series again.

GS12 tank wings suck almost as much as Buells.

I sometimes think if I had the notion to change my screen name from Nachtflug to something else, the something else would be "someguyonags"

Wow, some guy on a GS just went flying by.

Who was that? I don't know, some guy on a GS.

It could become a catch phrase, like the Harley riders all call each other bro.

We could call each other someguyonags. quietly. with our helmets on. full face helmets. helmet laws suck and so does Herman Edwards.

Nice picture jetblast. Your bike does not suck.

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