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Glad you guys are enjoying the photos.

Woke up today to find glorious sunshine so grabbed my gear and warmed up the bike. After a quick look at a map a route was chosen. I like going new places (at least new on the bike) so Inveraray was to be my target before heading north to swing back round and home.

The first leg of the journey was to take me up past Loch Lomond. The road has always been a bit of a disappointment to me if I'm being honest. I went up there not long after I first got the bike, almost as a pilgrimage to see one of Scotland's most beautiful natural sights. The loch itself did not disappoint but the road, or at least parts of the road did. The northern half is great and keeps you close to the water but the bottom half is just a long, straight and busy road that keeps you 50/100 yards away from the water with trees and various other landscape features blocking your view. Since my journey today would see me miss the good half, I stopped off at a picnic area for a juice, a piss, a chat with some French students ('Ou et la Chateux?' was my attempt at asking them where they were from) and a few photos.

Loch Lomond:

So I left the A82 and moved up one to the A83. I have no photos of this road for you which is a terrible shame as it is quite stunning. I will stop for pictures next time but I'm afraid I was too mesmerised to stop. The road take you round the end of Loch Long before weaving its way through forests, past streams and waterfalls all surrounded by rocky mountains. It's great.

This takes you to 'Rest and Be Thankful'. I think the name comes from a stage in a race of some sort but I'm not sure. It's not much more than a car park with a food and drink van selling tea and coffee. But there are worse places to have tea and coffee.

Rest and Be Thankful view south:*

Rest and Be Thankful view north:

*That road you can see in the first picture there is of Scotland's Old Military Roads. These roads date back to 1720.

From there it was on to Inveraray. It's a nice wee town which seems to have been built to give the local aristocracy something to rule. It's the kind of place where sweetie shops can give people a sufficient income. Almost like it's stuck in a time warp. If you ever find yourself here, the old jail and the castle are the big attractions.


After lunch I started the journey home. It was to be the long way round (!!) as I was heading north and then east before turning back round. I have no photos from here either as I was concentrating on not dying. While it was a sunny day, it was also incredibly windy. On more than one occasion I was hit by a gust of wind powerful enough to shift me from my position on the road. So as lovely as this road was, I didn't enjoy it as much as I would have done on another day.

The wind died down as I reached more familiar roads though. I came back down through Glen Ogle and past Loch Lubnaig, which you'll see photos of in the first post of this thread. I took a back road out of Callander (a personal favourite) and grabbed a couple more photos before heading home.

On the way home a cyclist got a bit distracted by something happening on the other side of the road and swerved out in front of me. I gave the horn a quick toot to wake him up a bit. Apparently he doesn't like horns. 'Are you peeping at me, ya c***?' was his response. Maybe next time I'll just run him down. Tit.

Forecast is good for the weekend so hopefully some more to come on the next few days.
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