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I loved riding my 950 ADV with FCR41's
the midrange hit was absolutely incredible
I built a baffled cold air intake waterproof heat resistant carbon fiber air box using phenolic HR aircraft resin like a quality exhaust heat shield
the roar was awesome , it had that big V-8 resonating vacuum
fuel mileage was about the same as my CV's maybe better
I had them dialed perfectly
after a lot of tinkering they were very reliable and ran absolutly perfect .
.....that is IF I could get it started on a cold morning

and thats a big IF to deal with when adventure riding solo

its not a very good feeling to crawl out of a tent and see frost on the seat and wonder IF, I like to keep my If's under control

at 60 degrees F and under it was throwing dice to get it to start without killing a battery
sometimes it would start OK other times forget it , and thats after trying every ritual possible
other times no problem at all especially above 60 F, in summertime they were excellent
once they got started they were good for the rest of the day , as long as you dont let the motor metal get cold
and the $140 battery will go to trash if killed too may times, they just do not survive too many draining s and recharges

So reluctantly , after about a year of fun, dependability outweighed the awesome performance factor so I sold them

I dont have a lot of good to say about Sudco . I live within range and used to visit there often to get retail carb parts for my various bikes and the cringe factor of having to deal with their attitude became too much to bear
When I asked about them providing FCR's with a choke for the 950's It was as if I may as well have been asking the boss for a raise, all I got was know it all attitude and a turned back
If Sudco would take their head out of their rectum and listen to riders then maybe they could come up with some decent products at competitive prices, like jetting kits for example, but all that would take real world hands on R&D, something they have no clue about
hope that didnt break any forum rules, I am just pissed that the FCRs dont have a choke or I would still have them , in fact I would consider buying some again, especially if Sudco was not involved
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