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Bike Update

Ok.. A quick bike update… Basically the bike is running better than ever… seems crazy right?? Well after the wheel rebuild with nice fat spokes she’s more stable on the road, especially with so much weight hanging out the back. The old rusted spokes just refused to tighten.. well they were pretty old… but big news on the engine front which I was delaying is this.
Since i left Alaska the problem of her misfiring/stuttering/hesitating going down hills has completely stopped, this has had me at my wits end trying to solve, plus, I am also getting just more than 100 miles to the tank (3.5L). Incredible!!. Previously I was getting 70-75miles. This has been an amazing turn around!! and all as a result of a simple air filter change. I’ll monitor fuel use more closely to give a better results. But Im very happy with the way she is running. Despite my mishap of breaking the screen again to today. Okay okay.. i’m a pussy and maybe need to get rid of the screen, but it has served me well and I will feel bad to just abandon it. I remember each crack.. god bless..falling into ditch in a “closed” Canadian campsite was probably the most eventful of those cracks.. My old back pack is also falling apart and I have also decided to just patch it up with Duct tape and try make it home with that too…

So there we have it anyway.. she’s flying it… and now I just need to make up mind when to leave.
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