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Another eventful day today... it started really well..
The bike had done 112 miles on 1 tank.. incredible.. I pulled in for lunch in Cintalapa, Chiapas, and parked the bike up beside Santa Muerta...( Saint of the Dead) the writing was on the wall..

When I came back I had a flat.. on closer inspection the tyre was not seated correctly and was pinching the tube since leaving Puebla.. I should have checked that the "Pro" who had changed it had seated it properly. I know how hard it is to seat those Gazelle tyres. Luckily it must have been the last bump I hit as I pulled in to the Comedor (one step below a restaurant with very decent food). So I was lucky it was not to be a high speed off as a result of a puncture (speaking relatively of course.)
No, that little surprise would be saved till later..

I got my kit out and fixed the flat and had a great laugh joking with some local kids as i fixed it. They were great company and kept me in a good mood. Santa Muerta looking over my shoulder as I worked away. After I had finished the repair job I headed off down the road and only maybe 10 minutes or so down the road I had a big off and left the road at speed.

As I was driving along I looked down as I thought I heard a funny noise, in that split second I had veered only a couple of feet. The road, as is typical in Mexico, had no hard shoulder and was built about 1 meter over ground level. I left the road travelling at around 40mph, landed pretty straight, held it for half a second then the bike planted me firmly in the dirt. The bike dug into the ground and promptly flipped over me hitting me on the way and came to an abrupt stop in the ditch. I remember tumbling and one of the flashes, like a few frames of a picture, was lots of dust and the bike tumbling. Not good

There was very little damage to me or the bike, Thank God, which I am very surprised about. The white front handle bar fairing is a little cracked and prevented any damage to the handle bars and throttle and the back box was undamaged and stayed firmly closed throughout due to extra precaution of strapping it closed as it popped opened once before.

I have a bruised ass and I have a few scrapes on my legs and my newly installed strip lights are busted on one side. The pads in the jacket did their job also, no pains there. I just ripped one finger of my glove. A bit shook, but all good in the end.

A passing local motorcyclist stopped and helped me pick the bike up. (thank you!). The bike started as usual on the second kick.

I have to say I am a bit pissed off with myself for losing concentration, especially on these roads. There are monuments to hundreds and maybe even thousands of people who died along the roads in Mexico many because there is no hard shoulder. Its very unforgiving. Once you leave the road you drop suddenly and have no control and its really down to luck after that. Lesson Learned. Thank fully there were no road signs or it could have been a different story.

I havent figured out whether Santa Muerta brought me good luck or bad luck today! thankfully all is good so I'm saying She brought me good luck!!.... Gulp..

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