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Originally Posted by Gadget Boy
Remember a little while back you had your tank off to get at the fuel filter and you were scratchin' your head wondering WTF? Well, on the 12GS, all you need to do to get the fuel filter or pump is to remove those side covers that you hate so much. As far as I can tell, the tank dudn't even need to come off the bike...

One of these days, at some rally or other, get your butt onto the BMW test fleet and try the 12GS, you'll wonder how you can still ride the 1150.. I had mine for 2 years and I was curious about the 12, but had no intentions of buying it.. taking a test ride was a bad move.. bye bye 1150, hello my new baby 12! The love affair continues :rabia
Gadget boy is going on my ignore list. I was in love with my HB bags until he came along, and now he's gonna make me want an R12GS. Been nice knowin' you GB, see ya!
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