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It's incredible what people will do sometimes! Best wishes for a full and complete recovery. That external fixation pic of your wrist is giving me the willies. Ouch!

Your experience is not unique to les Belges. (I lived there for a while in the early 80's.) I was recently driving down Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, CA in my truck. I was going about 50 in the right-hand lane and a stretch limousine was coming up the opposite way. The guy looked right at me, then decided to flip a u-turn into my lane! It would have been mere asshattery and a manageable situation, except that the idiot didn't realize that a STRETCH LIMO will not flip a u-turn across a four-lane road. The car ended up blocking my entire side of the road, plus an additional lane on the other side. With full ABS going, the truck was not going to stop. Somehow I managed to thread the needle with oncoming traffic and get by the bonehead.

It's probably better that your "con" (non French-speakers, look it up) Espace driver doesn't get in touch with you. You might hurt your wrist more giving him a beating
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