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Originally Posted by KHuddy View Post
Good stuff Jack, and smart move leaving the topics of women and cantankerous old Alaskan men to someone else.
About women: I've already said too much. Cantankerous old Alaskan men will be covered thoroughly in my autobiography.

Originally Posted by KHuddy View Post
How about another thread called "ALCAN's Guide To The Haul Road". With your memory for time and places and the pictures you've taken, you could easily fill a book with your pearls of Haul Road wisdom. Throw in a little cheesecake picture of Maggie now and again and you've got yourself a best seller.
Started something a while back entitled "Haul Road Etiquette" that maybe could be expanded (not nearly enough to contain Maggie ) to include photos and favorite spots along that "highway". But it may have to wait until after this year's riding season.
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