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Originally Posted by knary View Post
Because I'm an idiot, remind me why you want one of these things.

I've got a well used US 42. I currently use it... on those rare days that I ride (one bike in garage and it's in pieces as you know). One BMW shoulder patch has been replaced with a husqvarna chain saw patch. The jacket could use new velcro and a new zipper pull, but otherwise it's in solid condition.

At a press launch four or five years ago, all the press folk were in their shiny new gear. "Did you get that thing out of a museum! Holy crap!"

thinking out loud mostly. I have no idea what these things are worth.

Look how handsome!

I want one because I'm horribly vain and a slave to fashion, and I cant find another jacket I'd rather wear in a race like the Safari. You talk about branding- I wear anything else and I'm unrecognizable. And also psychologically, I will ride better if I feel like I've got the gear I want.

I'm wanting to wear a pressure suit for protection, and a shell on top that I can take the sleeves of if it gets too hot. Doesnt need to be waterproof, or even water resistant, and has some pockets. Fits the bill perfectly. Looks the business.

I tell you what? Maybe we can work out a temporary trade. I was thinking on the ride out here: maybe I could Borrow your jacket, and fix the zipper you mentioned. I would even loan you my size 54 black Rallye2 as collateral, in case you went for a ride, lol.

I had a larger plastic main front zipper put in by the local dry cleaning guy, on my red one. Good job, and its bombproof, now. He had to take out the buttons, because they didnt fit under the new zipper, but the velcro is still there, and I didnt mind losing the snap buttons.
I could do the same for yours, if you wish... or indeed just figure out a new zipper pull...

Figure maybe from beginning of August till I get back? 2 months?

Worth wise- I was seeing prices of $5-600 for unfaded suits.

HAs possiblities?
Unintentional psychokinesis.
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