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Originally Posted by theantipaul View Post
So I've been playing around with a few different ideas with the help of Crankshaft and Pilo, here's the next iteration;

With 2 Baja Designs Squadrons, these have 4 Cree XML LED's pull only 44watts and are very bright.

The second Squadron comes into use with the removal of 4 small screws that hold the bezel of the headlight mask, then reattach the stock bezel, will be refining that. The headlight mask can mount on either the top or bottom Squadron. Trying to keep a street legal looking setup to keep the scrutiny down.

Night time veiw of the Squadrons. They are very nice!

Only been able to take it out a few times after work and have yet to do a long ride with it, but so far I haven't noticed any strange handling from it, and for the time being I have the brake and speedo lines ziptied to the handguards as there doesn't appear to be anything for them to hang up on except branches and bushes.

Let me know what you think and as always be brutal.
THAT is as neat, compact, tidy and well laid out (triple clamp mounted) "rallye lite" set up as I have seen. Very nice OEM appearance, great finish and workmanship... and seems to give a faily good view of the RB, and clearance for the front brake line routing... without it sticking out there in the typical "eifel tower" manner.

Two suggestions/questions.

1. include some form of bracket so that an ICO/rally trip can be fitted above the road book - if this bracket is laterally adjustable enable to move and fix the tripmeter so that it's display can be alingned with the printed distance column on the roadbook (some roadbook formats have this in slightly different places) then that would be ultimate!

2. is it posible to mount this unit to a headstock mount; off the frame steering head tube (similar/same as the Raid Designs mount) - in order to get the weight off the steering/bars (not that this set up looks overly heavy).

With these two adaptations, I would think that this would be an ideal (optimum) "Rallye Lite" set up for navigation/roadbook rallies, where a "full" Dakar set-up is not required.

Lean mean fighting machine! Nice job!
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