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Originally Posted by NordieBoy View Post
I do like that.

Ummm, asshole?

Sorry, not too au fait with this brutal shit.
Freaking Kiwi's, I don't think it possible to get a better compliment, thanks Nordie.

Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
Two suggestions/questions.

1. include some form of bracket so that an ICO/rally trip can be fitted above the road book - if this bracket is laterally adjustable enable to move and fix the tripmeter so that it's display can be alingned with the printed distance column on the roadbook (some roadbook formats have this in slightly different places) then that would be ultimate!

2. is it posible to mount this unit to a headstock mount; off the frame steering head tube (similar/same as the Raid Designs mount) - in order to get the weight off the steering/bars (not that this set up looks overly heavy).
Troy, Aaron and I were talking one day when he came up with what I think was a brilliant idea, separate the displays from the electronics and place them as close as possible to the paper, over their respective column and then mount the rest of the mass somewhere closer to the center of rotation, also try to harden the roadbook itself to survive impacts better. I tried the RMS ICO bracket mount, just wish it were made of thicker gauge, but that too will accomplish mounting up the ICO.

Sort of a cage for the roadbook, the added weight would be offset by smaller displays. Still working it, hope to move them closer once I get the electronics.

On the frame mount, the Raid setup looks like it works with SE's, but that clamp setup wouldn't work with most smaller bikes I know of, no room to clamp. I'm more of a fan of welding to the frame, then bolting right now. Is this the one you meant?


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