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Dust off the cob webs, get the tent out and go for a good honest burn up the coast, ok a slow burn perhaps

A 2 day trip, nothing major, approx 270miles round trip. redwood city to russian river the sideways.

Wee Beastie
Tarp Tent
Sleeping bag and pad
change of clothes and a tooth brush.
extra can of gas
gps & spot

The Mayday Melee in West has been going on for a few years, I had time for just the friday party and to head back the next day. On the GS it takes 2 hours on some of the funnest twisty roads, but why do it so quick. I need to smell the ocean, take in the air and scenery as it was such a short trip. The mighty beastie would be the ride of choice.

Small upgrade to the scoot, some reflective pin striping to the tail lights, what can I say I like my bling!

Packed up and ready to go:
tent and pad along with a few tools etc under the seat, the sleeping bag and tent etc. in the top bag. The bag on the floor board holds the 1 gallon gas can and water bottle.

I thought I may pick up a few things on the way so I loaded up the trailer just in case.

Bit slow pulling up the hills and the twisties can be interesting

Darn wind kept the speed in check

Stopped to pray at the water temple.

Climbed the first big hill, but this jerk wouldn't move over! It only takes me 30-45 seconds to pass geeze!

Quick snack stop and then back on the road

Views were BORING!!!! :snooze

got the camera setting wrong and what was a view turned into a painting

back onto hwy1 into the city

My summer home, why are those people walking on my front path

My fountain was working fine

the GG off in the distance, sideways route means little traffic but a few more miles. No freeway for the Wee Beastie.

Here we go!
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