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Originally Posted by jontow View Post
....Ignition switch on the bike is a bit flaky, it has a very positive on/off action, but it seems like the contacts are in poor shape inside it, because if you jiggle the key (or, say, it vibrates while riding like a big single would never do...) it'll kill power to the CDI. Is there a known fix for this other than "buy a new one" or "install a toggle switch"? FSM doesn't seem to have details on how to 'rebuild' it.
First of all, congratulations on your find! I remember picking up my craigslist find like it was yesterday. I see you have the FSM already, but on this page, is the "Honda Common Service manual". This has a lot of great information like packing your oil seals with grease before installing and other little known gems.

As for your ignition switch, it's not that hard to disassemble. There is a link floating around on the exact disassembly process, but I can't find it right now. After you get it off the bike, the trick is positioning the key between "On" and "Off" before removing the bottom cover to expose the contacts. Maybe someone else has the link to the switch disassembly.
It sounds like you have the right amount of mechanical aptitude that it takes to own and maintain one of these bikes, so it should be no big deal for you. I took mine apart for a clean and lube 2 years ago and after 2 yrs of daily commuting, it's still working like new. Keep us posted on your progress, we love pics!
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