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At AMGRASS we focus on low-speed skills building as well as the competitive aspect. It is really shocking that 95% of the folks that come out for the 1st time to an event cannot do a simple figure-8, for whatever reason on whatever bike. The standard American highway/roadway is 24 feet wide, and most riders we see cannot make a u-turn in that distance. Try it, it is harder than you think, and yet an essential skill (the ability to maneuver your bike at low speeds) that MOST riders do not have

American Motorcycle Gymkhana emphasizes skill building and practice, and once you build your skill, you can compete with yourself and others in the timed events. Folks use the word "racing", but the importance is improving your time, and your skill, and seeing that you can ALWAYS improve.

The best thing about gymkhana, as I believe someone mentioned already, is:
As long as you have a empty lot, and some plastic cups, or tennis balls and a few minutes, you can greatly improve your skills. It is a blast running figure-8's by yourself, with a buddy, or 50 people. It is amazing how fast your riding improves.

The hardest thing we do is convince people to get out on the course - it seems they are terrified to learn they really don't know how to ride.

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