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Ol El Pablo
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Hi folks,
I just found this thread and have been catching up on it. Here's an idea: over on the FJR forum, some very dedicated volunteers maintain a list that we call (cleverly) "The FJR Owners Assistance List" I'm sure it takes a good bit of time but we get quarterly (I think) updates to everyone on the list. The only thing is really has is;
1) logon name / real first name (so you don't have to ask "Is cooldude123 home?"
2) geographic coordinates
3) list is sorted by state
4) phone number
4) type of help available

I printed only the members from the states I will be passing through in June (to Alaska). If I have to use it, I really hope they won't curse me for being on a non-FJR (still Yamaha though - Super Tenere)

The whole list is about up to 500 names now and it get sent in both .pdf and .gpx format.

Just a thought.
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