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Double post, now for my introduction haha. 39, just got my second dirtbike ever a 2004 KTM200EXC. Has a rekluse clutch, steering damper and has been redone with heavier springs. So far I love it. My previous bike was an XR80 that I had when I was 13. So I'm super new to this. Basically I went from

I went from this

To this

I still have the streetbike but here lately all I've been doing is riding dirt. My learning curve has included punching trees. No I don't wear the ring anymore while riding. Safety issues.

To taking dives into the mud

Also I've fallen over, smacked stumps, had a tree limb yank me right off the bike, among other things. But I've also had a great time learning it all. Need to definitely step it up and get into shape though. I had planned on doing a benefit race but that didn't work out due to issues. I'm going to probably pick up and do some races when the fall season kicks into gear.

So that's my plan currently. I'll leave you with some video, first one is my conquering the hill that we call the newb getter at my friends land. It's the one that made me punch the tree. I think this was my second time out riding ever.

Also we have my mud faceplant too. Not the faceplant actually but me picking myself up out of it.

Lastly one from this weekend. Bob ended up taking me on "I think this is one of the easy portions of the red trail" it wasn't. Caution, some foul language in this vid. Just so you know.

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