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A little bit of my history with bikes...

I LIVED on a bmx bike well into my late teens. Raced BMX occasionally, then moved on to Mountain bikes, raced them a little but mostly just trail rides. Due to an accident my dad had before i was even born I wasnt allowed on dirtbikes.

In 03 I decided to by a dirtbike at the ripe old age of 25. I had played on friends bikes as a kid, but never really had any seat time. I tried riding with quads and had ZERO help, guidance or experience. Rocky creeks, ledges waterfalls, was a miserable experience. I never even wore out the stock tires. It was a love-hate relationship. Traded the yz250f for a suzuki samurai, in early 05, barely ridden.

April 08 I bought a sv650 and started riding on the road. Put 12k miles on it in 6 months, picked up a DL650 in August, traded the SV for a pimped out 06crf250r in November 08. I rode the hell out of it and the dirt itch really stuck. I found new riding buds and in Late jan early feb 09 met up with some guys to ride singletrack. I was in WAY over my head. These guys were all A and VET racers. They completely kicked my ass, I saw the err of my ways and ditched the thumper in march. Picked up my 08 YZ250. I slapped a fly wheel weight on it, new rubber, took it for a trail ride and two weeks later lined up for my first harescramble. I did 15+ races the first year, ended up 3rd in points in my class, and had several 2nd and 3rds, never did grab a win though. Since then I have spent all my spare time riding and racing. Hell 3-4 evenings a week I am in the yard practicing anything I can with the space permitted.

So Im now 34, really slow, have bad wrists, major carpul tunnel, no budget and I am completely addicted to singletrack riding and racing harescrambles. I plan to start enduro racing next year. Most of the Ohio Enduro series require a plated bike, so I need to find a plated gasgas300 or ktm300, and money to buy one.

I really wish I could have been one of those guys that started on dirtbikes at 4 or 5 years old. Some of the guys I ride with have been in the dirt longer than I have been alive, almost all others started as a kid. Its very obvious who started when, it can make it very frustrating at times.

ride safe and roost it up!

pic of the blinged out honda,

some gopro footage on the YZ
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