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Thanks for the ideas, folks!

Peeps who mentioned the diaphragms:
* I cleaned and inspected that diaphragm a couple of times while the carbs were apart, and it was good and plyable (as opposed to tough and brittle).
* I didn't try swapping the two (since it really appears to be just fine), but I will give it a shot either today or tomorrow.

Peeps who mentioned other stuff:
* The intake valves are in spec, not tight, not loose.
* There are 2 remaining vacuum ports on the manifolds, as 2 were permanently sealed. for the two that remain, I installed new hoses, clamps, and caps.
* The front carb is definitely seated correctly.
* The front spark is strong.

Regarding swapping the carbs for a static test:
* I didn't do this since the carbs are asymmetrical.
However, I wonder if I could disconnect all the cables, remove the airbox, and pop them on the manifolds backwards for a hand-operated static test. I could definitely leave the TPS connected, and I think there might be enough slack in the choke cable to connect that too... if I unlaced in from the frame and kept the bars turned to the left... this might just work.

I'll report back later today or tomorrow with my findings after swapping the diaphragms (if they're swappable), as well as to report the results of the static carb swap... if in fact it can be done.

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