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Originally Posted by Dirt2Oil View Post
Alcan Rider,
Thanks for all the information on Alaska. I have been through Haul Road Chronicles, The Lure of the Dalton, and My Evening Rides. Your information is a gold mine for anyone planning a trip up there.

Thanks for all the material you contribute to ADVRider.
Thank you. But in all honesty, the truth is that my posts are but a compendium of posts from inmates who actually know something. Through taking the information offered by the likes of (in no particular order) Friar Mike, KHuddy, Fighter, Legion, That Guy, Marbee 40, et al, rephrasing it and posting under my own nom de plume so as to give the false impression that I am knowledgeable in my own right, my own dubious reputation (aided and abetted by HayDuchessLives) is favorably enhanced.

As for photos by simply aiming my cameras toward every point of the compass, shooting thousands upon thousands of photos, throwing away 99.99% of those scenes captured even I have been able to luck into a good one or two.
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The Lure of the Dalton, The Lure of the Dempster, Haul Road Chronicles, My Evening Rides, Alaska Primer
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