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I have added a removable seat on my powerchair deck, a friend is making a slotted end for my sidecar shock (so I can eventually add an actuator and have electric lean for the entire rig), and I have been doing some suspension and alignment tweaking. I started out with only 1/4" toe-in and adjusting shock pre-loads for lean, but I have since gone to about an inch of toe-in instead because having only 1/4" left me leaning too much and with the bike shock too soft whenever I had a passenger aboard. One thing I learned along the way is to set the pre-load on my sidecar shock to lightly hold the wheel all the way down when the passenger seat is empty so that a gust of wind from the sidecar side does not have the shock helping it tip the rig toward the centerline. But overall, increasing my toe-in has made the rig more stable and not seem to "float" like it did while I had so little toe-in.

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