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Originally Posted by JimRidesThis View Post
The pin is not a problem but the tensioner shaft doesn't seem to want want to come out (tried pulling it out with pliers). Are they a really tight fit? Should the tension be off the tensioner? If so, how do you do that? Mr Haynes is no help here
I'd call it a snug fit from what I remember. There is an O ring in there that seals up this shaft so oil does not leak out. Can you twist the shaft in one direction with the pliers? That should be easy to do after the retaining pin is removed. You might try vice grips to get a good hold, and then pull hard while turning the shaft. Should come out. If not, then perhaps the shaft has some deep wear marks in it that are getting hung up on the tensioner mechanism.

Look at this post for link (XL600R* (Inglese)):
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