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got the turbo bike yesterday, happy with it.

the tracy body needs a little love on the molded in gas tank, so i removed the body work and put the stock tank on, i gotta see how it runs.

got up this morning, aired up the tires,threw in a fresh battery and some gas decided i have to ride it. screw the root beer colored brake fluid and tires hard as a wedding night dick.
started up easy, no funny noises. headlight, tail light, brake light, gauges all worked. has a baffle in place so not to loud. good thing since my jack off neighbor was outside and he's quick to call the heat on any of my bikes that he thinks exceed the acceptable decibel rating.
put on my helmet and gloves to add an air of legitimacy and took of down the street. gee, those bare subframe rails are a bit chilly on my arse.
couldn't of picked a worse time for the maiden voyage. yellow buses swarming the neighborhood picking up the grade schoolers. so i just chilled, made sure it stopped, shifted and didn't die until the little ones were clear.well it barked, spit, backfired and finally started settling down a bit (me thinks this bike has sat for a long time). no shakes or shimmys, shifted well (clutch must of been beefed up, the springs sure feel like it) gave it the gas for a few short bursts and its definitely a turbo bike with a functioning turbo. needs a little tuning, servicing, carb adjusting and an air filter but it sure is cool.
I only ride 'em. I don't know what makes 'em work.
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