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Must have done the "F" route on Monday? How did you like the "squares". Anyone forget which 90 degree turn they were at and get lost in there? How about that very short little HP dune section? Not too bad, but a bit soft in there!

The C loop has that huge wash crossing where the roadbook just says "find your way to that road you see way over on the other side". Of course it's a straight off cliff getting down into the wash, so you have to get creative there!

The E-A loop has the mini Grand Canyon where you ride along the rim. Overall that's a pretty high-speed route, but there's a few little "gatchas" thrown in to screw you up.

Then today the rock tunnel going up the wash on the D loop is super cool! The B loop is my favorite because it has all kinds of tough terrain and tough navigation. There's the sand washes with invisible exit points, the rabbit trail, and some good sort of HP stuff.

Would love to hear more about how it's going!

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