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Originally Posted by TrailCruiser View Post
how bad is it on the roads? I see you live in the NW, me too. I'm in Yakima and need to ride 20-60 miles to get to the FS roads and trails. BTW, I'm planning on the Blackdog too with my KLR unless I can figure out how to upgrade before then -- not much time though.
I'm still evaluating this question as well, so curious to hear reports from any others with pavement miles. In my limited speed runs on pavement, I can certainly feel the extra engine vids and out of balance wheels. I would expect about 2 to 3 oz of well placed lead would counteract the rim locks and smooth out that bit. I already purchased another set of tires (m404,m403), so will be scarifying the factory Metzler's on more mixed routes to help answer the question.

See you at the blackdog (#33). Stop by camp that Sat evening if you feel like a pit ride on my 350, that is if you still haven't picked up your bike .
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