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I've done the same while trail riding narrow single track. One moment of inattention ... and your off! Glad you came out OK!

One advantage I like with my DR650 is it can easily jump off that road and land on its feet on that dirt with no probs ... and I don't even slow for Topes. Ohlins shock, heavy springs, Race Tech Emulators. All good.

On my first ever Central America trip (1974) I traveled with friends in a big Camper (Cab over type) We were basically on a Surf trip to El Salvador and Costa Rica. We toted my little Honda 50 step through ... and many times that little bruiser turned out to save the day ... and saved our butts. I eventually bailed out of the trip (in El Salvador where I stayed a couple months surfing) I ended up riding the Honda 50 all the way to Oaxaca, Mex. where I met a friend and got a lift for me and bike back to US. Gone 6 months on that trip. I've done 2 or 3 more since.
hahah fantasic the auld HOnda 50 eh... cant beat with a stick!!! fair fu@cks to you.. that was pretty adventurous back then, surf hunting... Have you seen the docu/film Wave Riders?.... if not get it on line... awesome piece of film... when else do you see lads surfing 40ft waves with the back drop of the cliffs of Moher in Ireland... it tracks the unlikey connection of Ireland and surfing plus some of the old pioneers and some of the new bucks who are coming to Ireland to surf Baleens wave.... its great..

anyways.. your DR sound the job.. cant believe you dont even have to slow down for topes!!... they are my worst enemy....i cant even see em half the time.. and have launched myself off them.. defo cant ride at night..!!

Once I was looking for a place using my i phone as GPS, one hand on throttle... phone in other.. BANG tope... caught some air.. landed straight... crap... another lesson learned there..
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