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Sure its all good right?

Its all fun right?? I am having the time of my life right!.. sure I am.. but sure shit has to go wrong too and I have had a interesting week of it...
here is the gist of a conversation I had with a doctor today conducted in Spanglish..

The note has no particular form.. its more of a brain fart really..

Sean: Doctor I am itchy all over my body.. its worse at night.. the itching is getting worse cada dia.. at times unbearable. its feels like i have insects crawling on me...? que pasa homeboy?
Doctor: ah take your shirt off..
Sean (mental note: not necessary to pull pants down- thank god) ok.
Doctor: ah dont worry.. you have an infection on your skin.. you have Impetigo.. caused by the bacteria Streptoccus due to the change in environment..
Sean: (mental note) yes I was sweating balls for the last few days before i arrived in San Chris. 40 deg in Tuxtula!!)
Doctor: here's a shit load of drugs Sean go back and pile this shit on you and whack these tablets down yer gullet you'll soon be grand dude...that will be 30 pesos for the consultation...
Sean: you mean 2 euros Doc?... here have 50 homie.. muchas gracias..

Meanwhile back at the hotel...
Shower, followed by beard and genital trimming, followed by antibiotics and generous application of cream.. ahhhhhhh... shit balls it burrrrrns....

Ok Sean calm down, resist temptation to cry and/or call for mammy...

So that was my last few hours...

But the hours previous to that were great.. checked out the awesome market in San Christobal... and found out that my photo entry won the photo of the month competition.. wahooo... 50 euros.. at the present rate of consumption that will get me 2500 miles!!!

Sure its all good...
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