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R90/6 Texas Dirtbike rebuild

So I picked up this dirtbike. Will be doing a frame-off refresh, and change the styling a bit more toward scrambler. Figured I'd start a thread so I can ask all my questions and give progress reports in one spot. The bike starts and I rode it 20 miles home, but it's really rough. Won't idle and the exhaust pressure between the two sides was WAAAAAY different. It needs some love. Previous owner got it running after it was sitting for 5 years, but that's all he did.

Folks will want to see the rear end modifications. Extended swingarm, custom shock mounts and subframe. Cable-activated brake from custom brake lever.

Front is XR600 forks with CR500 hub. Nice fork brace down low.

I pulled the top end today and it's a sticky gooey mess. Wet carbon everywhere. Sealant half clogging up the stud holes. I'll take the heads, cylinders and pistons to somebody that knows more than me to have them assessed for next step. But...good news is no valve recession and the conrods seem perfect.

Anyhoo...more as it happens....
1974 R90/6 motor w/1050 kit; twin plugged; installed in...1970 R60/5 frame; RM125 front end; KZ1000 Police Tank.
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