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Originally Posted by JetGrl View Post
I've done this mod now for several of the inmates here. A couple of them have posted back to the original mod posting here:

I have had questions about the ear buds and setup that I use. I tried using ear buds last year once and gave up on it because the buds I had pressed on the padding inside the helmet and irritated my ears. After I did this mod I got a new set of ear buds from, the S-Plug ear buds. They are very soft and pliable and fit inside the ear so they don't rub or irritate your ears. I have worn them for 16 hours straight with total comfort. I also have a friend that wears them all the time, he has run in 2 Iron Butt Rallies (11 days, 11,000 miles).

The website has a volume control extension cable that can be used as well to take care of the increase in volume when using ear buds.

If you purchase the S-Plug ear buds in the 22" length (short) and use this extension to cut down the volume you can then use the G4 normally. The S-Plugs can also be found on the same website:

Something I discovered about using the ear buds in a helmet is that they would begin hurting my ears after a while in the saddle, mostly my lower ear lobe where the wires come out; it seemed that the padding would push it into my ear lobe... Some worse than others... Now, I put the ear buds in upside down with the wire pointing up and it stays within my ear instead of pressing against my ear lobe... There is a little sliding tie (I use the 20 dollar Sony ones from Wal-Mart) that takes up slack on the wires that I slide close to the top of my head, put my helmet on then plug it into the G-4 and it is COMPLETELY pain free! I have worn them this way for up to 8 hours, and I do not even know they are there...
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