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Snakeears goes to the shops

Cracking day today and I have to go to the shops for something, I have taken jtb's advice and had a go a taking some pickies of stuff that's about 5 mins from home, a huge journey of 33kms
So hardcore

My street it only just got paved last week , now its a deathtrap of ballbearing like stones

The bottom of the road

Turn left and i'm in Wonga Park

I'm lucky I get to look at this everyday, before kids we lived in town, we had a nicer house but we gave it up for this. So glad we did.

This is a little detour to the Heritage Golf Course

Looking towards Mt Dandenong

My local shop is in Warrandyte, this is the Yarra river, looks nice but I wouldnt swim in it. Most houses are on septic tank and the outflows go into the river when it rains a lot.

The bridge over the Yarra at Warrandyte, the road heads north to the hills, I bet heaps of Melbourne ADV riders have crossed this

Pound Bend Park just up the road

My Local Supermarket

3ks of twistys on the way home

the local store at the bottom of my road. All three food groups available, Beer, Wine & Spirits

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