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Originally Posted by HogWild View Post
Must have done the "F" route on Monday? How did you like the "squares". Anyone forget which 90 degree turn they were at and get lost in there? How about that very short little HP dune section? Not too bad, but a bit soft in there!

The C loop has that huge wash crossing where the roadbook just says "find your way to that road you see way over on the other side". Of course it's a straight off cliff getting down into the wash, so you have to get creative there!

The E-A loop has the mini Grand Canyon where you ride along the rim. Overall that's a pretty high-speed route, but there's a few little "gatchas" thrown in to screw you up.

Then today the rock tunnel going up the wash on the D loop is super cool! The B loop is my favorite because it has all kinds of tough terrain and tough navigation. There's the sand washes with invisible exit points, the rabbit trail, and some good sort of HP stuff.

Would love to hear more about how it's going!
It was a total blast. I learned an ton. Between Jimmy and Johnny, it was an unparalleled opportunity. Scott, the routes were great. I got lost a few times, but managed to solve most issues by retracing to the last known tulip, usually not more than a mile. Still, Dave- moving slow and steady and not blowing the Nav, would catch me as I was just getting back on track, and then I'd go ahead till I blew a turn again

once or twice I used the lat/long and the GPS to find the tulip location, and get back that way, and also the mapbook making exercise was very educational.

A couple of things were weird, but in hindsight it turns out that in my haste I was not using all the available info on the route sheet to make good decisions. When I would see it the second time, it was more obvious.

There were a couple of places were it just didnt amake any sense to me at all, but at this point, I cant recall which of the 2-300 miles they were. I know there was one on the first day, and I got onto a trail that became a box canyon. Started first, came in last but hey. First time, thats my story Im sticking with it

Rabbit trails -v are very hard to see, especially from the same altitude as the trail itself. Another thing that goofed me up good was having the Odo be a little bit off. I would reset to the tulip usually at every known turn, (or not if it was right on) but it was funny, sometimes being off by a tenth or two didnt matter, sometimes it made all the difference.

I dont know about the squares, but the huge wash crossing was cool, and so was the rock tunnel I could have ridden slower and ended up going faster overall. A good lesson, one of many.

Every day I wanted to have a chance to do it again. Even now, I want to get back and do it perfectly.

A great, really great group of guys, too. All good riders, and all top notch gentlemen.

Unintentional psychokinesis.
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