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Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post
Sounds like a heap of fun, I wish I lived closer to the location

Two things when you are constantly "off" in your distances: If you use an ICO, set it to Auto Correct in the settings... the ICO picks up how much you add/subtract every time you make a correction, and self-corrects the diameter entered.

The other thing, on which I always insist on getting spot-on to the point of being labelled anal, is riding and re-riding the organizer's "calibration kilometer", or in your case mile, and then using millimeters (all four digits of the value entered in the diameter field) to get it exactly right... did you guys have one?

On multi day rallies, as your front mousse dies, you might need to re-calibrate as well...

I soooo wish I could make it to one of these, as my CAP navigation skills are zero...
Thanks for the tips. A measured mile would have been a good idea, We could have done that, and also could have mucked about with the Vector to get the tire size correct, but really I was a bit awash just getting my head wrapped around it.. The self correcting ICO sounds pretty awesome.

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