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Originally Posted by 2upAussie990 View Post
This is on my to do list, but I just have to work out if I donate an arm or a leg and whether I give left or right side as it's farkin near $550 over here to buy it from KTM. i'll end up just sourcing what I need from Ebay or something.
Go to a different KTM Dealer and don't ask for a kit. (Talk to the boys at dalby moto) My front guard is off the 65, and the fork protectors are off something else. From what I have seen on the many mods, the lower fork leg protector screwholes don't line up correctly but it's easily worked out. I got the wire blake line keepers and the project may have cost about $150-$180.

I think I googled something like 'ktm part numbers high lift guard' and had a list to start with.

Failing that you can get KTM stuff sent to freight forwarders in the states. It won't save you much ATM coz the USD is up the shit.

Or PM me and I'll round up the part numbers next time I am in the shed.
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