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Originally Posted by crazybrit View Post
I think the point the previous posters were making is that most people pay for an Internet service provider. Comcast, Hughes, Centurylink etc etc. Your ISP will normally assign you an e-mail, for example. Use that e-mail (rather than any gmail/hotmail ones) to sign up for ktmtalk.

Obviously above isn't 100% anymore, you could be reading at your library or over a 3G smartphone etc .... but generally it's still true.

Certainly ktmtalk is different than here, it has different values and is moderated differently. As with real life different situations require you conduct yourself in different ways.

That was precisely my point. Perhaps the OP isn't paying for internet service, but if you do, you generally get email accounts with that service. If you don't pay for internet service at all, you're a .001%er.

The only adjustment that I needed to make over at KTM Talk was their intolerance for joking around. Very little off-topic gab or joking around is allowed. They take it pretty serious, and that's actually a feature if you ask me.
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