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Originally Posted by Yellow Pig View Post

Sorry to burst your bubble, but go ahead and invest in an F2R now cause you will buy one anyways after the RB event.

The Acerbis unit is terrible and does not scroll the RB properly. I did the same thing as you and hated the cheap acerbis unit. Turning the roadbook by hand when it does work is dangerous and impractical.

Load some paper in that thing now and test it out before you go, so you do not ruin your training by using a POS device.

It will turn the paper OK at the beginning, but 1/2 way through you will find that you will have to first unwind the bottom spool before you can win the top spool. All while riding offroad.

I also found that it helps to keep the tube extension that attaches to the page advance knob as short as possible since it tends to twist instead of turning the Rb. A quick tip is to put some glue and a wire tie on both ends of the tube so it does not slip on the knob and roadbook paper shaft.

That is all.
I agree with YP. But this advice is coming too late for the guy who is already set up. Maybe we can at least help someone else.

I'm always troubled when I see that Acerbis roadbook at a rally school. Rally is a passion and I love to share it. However, I agree that this roadbook is a good way to turn fun into annoying real quick. I'm always wondering if it turns more people off than it does turn them on.

A better option is the F2R manual roadbook. It's more a stripped down pro unit than a plastic container, but at least the knob don't fall off on the first ride. About the same price as the Acerbis. Better yet, the F2R 730 is really not that expensive, especially when compared to an MD. If you're just into "trying rally", why not buy one and then sell it in the flea market when done and lose less than the cost of the Acerbis unit?

Also, be careful putting all that stuff on the EE universal crossbar. The small machine screws that hold the top bar onto the two verticals are a common failure point. There's a reason that we designed our own. ;-)

Have fun riding with Jonah. He's awesome!

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