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Originally Posted by drmajor View Post
I would like to get in on the new info when you have it ready...

Does the 2k and 1m resister just fool the bus that there is fuel and thus get rid of the FUEL warning?
Yes. The 2k resistor replaces the fuel strip when its reading a full tank. The 1M resistor simply supplies the small bias voltage necessary to make the circuit work.

Originally Posted by cjack View Post
The heater is about 35 you are saying that the absence of heater current is acceptable?
No. The diagram shows the heater still connected. I have spoofed the heater using a similar 1W resistor but I have not completed testing. It is possible though.

If anyone knows where I can source the male side of the 4-pin connector please let me know! I could produce a plug-and-play solution that would require no electrical knowledge and provide it for the community.
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