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I am taking a break from cleaning my work shop to update his thread a bit.

Actually, I have been thinking about a major shop redo for awhile now as stuff is all over the place and I find myself wasting considerable time looking for tools and parts I know I have.

And one thing I am short of is more bench space! To address this issue, I decided to build a new 4x8 bench that I could access from all sides. The bench is on wheels so I can move it around my shop. My plan is to remove two smaller work benches along a wall. I will then move a couple of machine tools in their place in order to free up area in another work bay (for another project?).

While 4x8 sounds like a large surface, haha, I had no problem filling it up with yz/it/465/490 motors!

As you can see my new bench is already pretty well cluttered up as I try to clear the old benches and get them out of the shop. This does even include the motor currently being rebuilt!

Anyway, seeing them all lined up like this remined me to measure the width of the motor mount where the swing arm bolt passes through.

I measured YZ/IT 490 motors and YZ465 motors... and there is a difference! It turns out the width of the 490's, at the mount, are about 10 thousands of an inch less than the 465's. The cases themselves appear to be the same. The difference is in the collars 14 and 9 in the diagram below.

I am still planning to use the 490 cases in my 465.

Ten thousands is not much, but if need be, I will make up for this by using an extra shim (or side thrust washer) in the swing arm bearing assembly. It's nice now to have those spares from the All Balls Kit!

I still need to gather a few pictures of the gear box reassemble, perhaps I will have more tomorrow.

For those who might be interested, here is a few drawings and photos of my new bench. The red part is a sheet metal bender. The bench overhang is to allow my air compressor to tuck under. The grey/blue box is an old multi drawer cabinet I had around. The round tubes are to hold welding rod. Wheels are not shown in drawing but you can see them in pictures.

I am planning to put hardware and carbureto jettting boxes on bottom shelf.

Not finished yet but here is how it is shaping up.

Still have a lot of clean up to do!

I always liked this photo of Kent on his Husky!
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