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May 6, 2012 - San Francisco was the next stop. And what a stop it was... We had roughly 2 full days to poke around and we saw plenty. First stop was Pier 23, where we pulled up as we rolled into the city and parked the bikes casually on the sidewalk, next to a few shiny (and loud) Harleys. Not something we would entertain in other circumstances, but we were hot and tired and needed to get off the bike.

Looking around for a motel was an interesting challenge. A few tries later, we ended up a block away from San Francisco city hall in a pretty decent place, although it had its moments. From there, everything was within walking distance, except Golden Gate bridge.

One of the first stops was the Museum of Modern Art, always a treat.

Even the foyer provides rich photographic fodder.

The entryway.

The MOMA covers off a range of topics. One of the themes was the "Whole Earth Catalogue" movement and the alternative ideas therein to make the world a better place. From it, some interesting work persisted into current sustainable living models, such as this fully automated sun-activated residential concept.

The MOMA's paintings are still the most enjoyable aspect of the whole experience.

Next stop was Golden Gate bridge. Quite interesting and although I'd crossed it in the past, this was the first time I actually spent some time looking at it.

We had a few excellent meals, most notably at Modern Thai on Polk street, a very lively corridor right near the hotel.

Next stop is Death Valley and Las Vegas, where we are going to take a breather and hang for a few days. The pace of travel has been high and we want to start slowing down.

Edit: I updated the slideshows page as well if you wanted to see more pictures.
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