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Thanks again for the kind words, they are truly appreciated! If you ever make it to the St. Louis area, I owe you a few beers!

I took a few hours away from the office this morning to get some more stuff done. I really wanted to get the swing arm and shocks mounted. I have some more time tomorrow morning that I want to devote to opening up the engine and inspecting the clutch to determine what parts I need to order.

So, I dug out the swing arm parts.

Dirty, dirty, dirty! This will never do!

Cleaned everything up and went to grab the new swing arm bearings. The old "stick 'em in the freezer to shrink them and make installation easier" trick.

One thing I've learned in this project is that bearing races and I do not get along. The first one went in really smoothly though, so I thought maybe this was a new trend.

In and seated:

Slathered up the bearing with Bel Ray:

Oil seal and sleeve installed and ready to go. One down, one to go. This is too easy!

Then I managed to get the other one stuck in the bore. Damn!

It doesn't look like much, but getting it straightened out again added 10 minutes to my day's work! Eventually I got it tapped in though, and installed the rest of the parts like the other side.

Centering/tightening the swing arm into place was interesting. I got it pretty good, but the pins didn't seem very tight. There was no play in the swing arm motion at all, and everything else seemed OK, so I went ahead and tightened the retainer nuts to spec. I'll go over all the set-up torques and values again before riding her anyway.

Onto some fun stuff:


One side mounted:

And then both:

And then the final drive, though it's only mocked up right now because I need a new gasket.

Here you can see the darker grey color of the final drive. I'm not sure why it turned out a different color than the hubs. Oh well - it doesn't quite look natural, but it will be much easier to keep clean.

Closed up shop and let the old girl sleep for another day. It won't be long until she's sleeping much less than she has been over the last 5 years!

Hopefully more tomorrow....
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