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Originally Posted by scootac View Post
Nice thread!!!
I'm just starting to learn HDR,,, no pics with a bike yet.
When people put up their photos,,, might help the beginners if they could maybe say what HDR program they used and how they went about it? Right now, I'm using Photomatix and just doing 'what looks good' for me.
Good suggestion.

The program I use is Photomatix. Extremely versatile and pretty much intuitive. It comes with a small assortment of what they call "Presets" to get you started, and then you can adjust the various settings to suit your tastes and save those separately. Over the years I have come up with 50 or 60 variations that I have labeled and saved as my own. Simplifies the tonemapping phase. Even those, I tweak a bit to improve individual photos when I think it will improve them.
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