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Originally Posted by bmccrary View Post
Very nice shots. Thanks for sharing. I have tried to do some HDR shots in the past but at the time I didnt have a remote and I was still bumping the camera so my final image was a bit blurry after all the shots were overlaid. I reformatted my hard drive and lost my hacked version of photoshop. Need to get back into working on that again.
You might give Photomatix a try. 99% of my HDR's were shot with the camera handheld and the program has done an excellent job of overlaying them accurately. Not perfect, but certainly acceptable. Three of the four cameras I use currently can be set to automatically bracket a shot, which helps. The downside is that they can only be set to under- and over-expose by one f-stop (1 EV) each way. For special scenes, that are worth the extra effort, the tripod comes out and I'll do a total of five exposures, from -2 f-stops to + 2 f-stops. Photomatix has no trouble with any number of exposures I throw at it.

You can download and sample the full Photomatix program at no charge. It will add a watermark to the photos before you pay for the program, but you can put it through its paces to see how well you like it.
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