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Originally Posted by pilo View Post
Nice project guys. I just donated.

For what it's worth I solo'd the 1000 last fall and learned a few things along the way and raised a little $$ for a local charity. If interested you can read the whole sordid affair here.

In no particular order, here are a few thoughts:

- sort out your nutrition for training and racing
- ride enough so your hands/arms don't fatigue. That will make the biggest impact
- sounds crazy, but spend time on a rowing machine if you can't ride.
- pull the smog stuff off of the 450x - no reason to have it on.
- buy a used 450x for pre-running and to have as spare parts. You can use the wheelset (and everything else) and sell the bike for what you paid for it when you are done.
- set the valves before the race
- run tall gearing (14/48 or more if you are faster) and get the jetting sorted
- get the suspension dialed if you are planning on running at a fast pace
- steering stabilizer of course
- make sure your light setup is bright. It can't be too bright (need aftermarker stator)
- pack a spare filter with you
- sat phones of course for you and chase
- torque all bolts with a torque wrench before the race.
- true wheels and torque spokes
- Mousse's front and rear (unless you are pro-level fast, then just front with HD rear)

I'm sure there is more, but that's all I could come up with now. Have fun with it!
Pilo, first thank you for your donation to the WW's, and I am going to be reading about your race thanks for sharing it.

Training is going good except the fact that I can't ride as much as I want, the closest place is about 2hrs. away from me so that is putting a dent in the riding part. I am trying to get out for one 8hrs. ride every week, I know it isn't enough but right now that is the best I can do. I do hit the gym 5 days a week never thought about doing the rowing thing but sounds like a good idea.

I am going to try and sale my KTM to get enough for another 450 so I can use it to ride and pre run, but can only get one if I can sale the KTM.

The gearing is something I was thinking about, don't worry we will not be going we will not be going that fast I think I have the jetting good but we will see next week, I will be taking it out for a shakedown. It should be good from sea level to 4000 ft.

We did pickup Cyclops as a sponsor for our lighting, Darryl is helping us out in a big way! We will be running his LED race light with helmet lights. We are also getting the stator from him, and an upgrade on the headlight. Never know if we will make it to the lights before dark!

I have been looking at the bib mousse, I know we will be running them in the front haven't decided on the rear yet.

If you can think of more to please send it to me, that is one big reason I started the thread bunch of people with tons of experience.

Thank you,
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