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Originally Posted by pilo View Post
Nice project guys. I just donated.

For what it's worth I solo'd the 1000 last fall and learned a few things along the way and raised a little $$ for a local charity. If interested you can read the whole sordid affair here.

In no particular order, here are a few thoughts:

- sort out your nutrition for training and racing
- ride enough so your hands/arms don't fatigue. That will make the biggest impact
- sounds crazy, but spend time on a rowing machine if you can't ride.
- pull the smog stuff off of the 450x - no reason to have it on.
- buy a used 450x for pre-running and to have as spare parts. You can use the wheelset (and everything else) and sell the bike for what you paid for it when you are done.
- set the valves before the race
- run tall gearing (14/48 or more if you are faster) and get the jetting sorted
- get the suspension dialed if you are planning on running at a fast pace
- steering stabilizer of course
- make sure your light setup is bright. It can't be too bright (need aftermarker stator)
- pack a spare filter with you
- sat phones of course for you and chase
- torque all bolts with a torque wrench before the race.
- true wheels and torque spokes
- Mousse's front and rear (unless you are pro-level fast, then just front with HD rear)

I'm sure there is more, but that's all I could come up with now. Have fun with it!
Hey Pilo - this is all great stuff. Exactly what we were hoping to see.

I'm overseas with work right now and am really concerned about my training...or lack thereof. I never thought about using a rowing machine when riding is unavailable. I'll definitely be spending a lot more time on the rowing machine. Thanks for the advice!

Thank you for your donation! This little project is really starting to take off.

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