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Vulfy: Thanks for the pattern. This is what I've been looking for, in addition to Motoman's pattern. I have started to catalog these patterns for future use. I rode Motoman's pattern, I call #1, yesterday. I went out at 2:00 pm with a plan to ride at a county high school that I've practiced at before. Turned out that lost had degraded in the intervening years since I'd ridden there last. I could have swept the entire lot, but choose to move to another school. That lot is for parking, but was designed for the local marching band. Actually, although striped, there are so many numbers painted on the lot for the marching band, I can't imagine how then know where to stand. What looks like debris or dirt in the lot are actually numbers, little white, blue, green, and red numbers for placement. In the picture below I have not placed my markers yet and I am standing on the band directors stand.

When I laid Motoman's pattern, initially, I used his dimensions at 100', but quickly reduced it to 50', to facilitate more turning and less accelerating and braking. In retrospect, I can understand the purpose of the distance, but I was bored riding that far, cone to cone, for the turns where I needed practice. After running that pattern for about twenty minutes, I picked up my markers, I used halved tennis balls instead of cones, and used the lot stripes to practice my turns by staying inside the lines of two parking spaces. I found it helpful to turn from one lane of parking spaces across to a second lane of parking spaces. I was blessed with a lot that was huge and clean. Actually, this school has four different lots.

I am excited about this sport and have decided that it is my newest passion. I wonder what distances you use between cones for the pattern you've posted. Your's is much more technical and I look forward to using that this week.

On a side note: I would like to see this thread continued as a place to share information. I have started a blog for my ride reports:
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