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Originally Posted by Bluebull2007 View Post
Nice video Stagehand!

Hehe, glad to know Im not the only one making the those mistakes.

Here is a pic of SethS trying figure the wash thing in 2010.

On the early part of this route, a Blackhawk helicopter happened to came over and jammed my GPS totally for about 10 minutes. I reckon it was Scott's doing..

Chilling somewhere on that rabbit trail -v

Thats cool! I figured discretion was the better part of figuring out my way down that hill. No sense risking a steep section, for a tenth mile or two

Jimmy gave us a link to a flickr account of all the shots he got - said we could use them at will so I figured this was as good a place as it was gonna get:

Unintentional psychokinesis.
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